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Cook’s Antique Lumber

Base cabinet

Base Cabinet

Cabinet is antique  white pine, top is antique white oak.

White Oak Bench


Furniture Kitchens Tables  Benches Many of our customers purchase boards to make cabinets, furniture and countertops. We also make custom cabinets and …

Wide Flooring

Wide Flooring Wide flooring is milled from barn boards that have great color, character, length and width. Each board is hand selected then …

Resawn Flooring

Resawn Flooring Beams are resawn into 1″ boards and then made into finished flooring. Same tight grain, lighter color and less character than …

Threshing Board

Threshing Floor

Threshing Floor Threshing floor is usually 1 1/2″ to 2  1/4″ thick and is 10″ – 20′ wide. It is ideal for tables and countertops and is available …

Mushroom Board

Mushroom Board

Mushroom Board Mushroom board is usually hemlock and sometimes cypress and have exceptional character. They are typically 8″ wide.  Great for ceilings or walls. Mushroom …